Monday, March 1, 2010

Check out that header. pretty neat huh?

I changed the look of the ol' blawg, trying to get things together before i need to make a fully functioning website.
The photo-stream over there is a good tool, swing over there to see some illustrations I just did for a children's story written by Mikey Beddome, a friend of mine and film student at NYU.
They aren't particularly good, at least I don't think they would pass for professional. maybe barely.
Ive been working in watercolor a lot lately.

That's a good segue into my next problem, the political cartoon assignment. It was assigned in both my illustration and comics class that we have to come up with 3 political cartoons, thats 6 total for me. I've got a few strong ideas but I'm having a hard time conceptualizing them on paper.

When and if I come up with some cartoons that are decent, I'll post them here for the word to ridicule.

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