Sunday, June 20, 2010

Covered Toronto

Good News, a submission I sent in to Covered a month or so ago got accepted! Covered, for those who don't know, is an excellent blog where artists are invited to redraw classic comic book covers in their style.
I chose Justice league of America #1.
My cover is going to be posted on the site on August 9th, make sure you check it out. For anyone who misses it I'll be sure and upload the image to flickr after it goes up on Covered.

In other news, I've been hearing good things about my mini-comic, I just need to stop being lazy and get them into the stores.
Also I hope you check out the illustration I just finished called "party monsters" it's my trademark caustic wit taking a stab at hipster culture  - which I've been fixated on lately.

In non-art news, I just got back from Toronto, where some friends and I saw Broken Social Scene, among others. It was amazing. After spending only 2 days there it's already on my list of possible places to move after school.

Here's a vertigo-inducing clip of "Lover's Spit" that somebody filmed.

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