Monday, June 7, 2010

Oodles of Doodles (She & Him @ Millenium Park Chicago, July 7, 2010) / Batcave Beach!

Lets all put on sundresses and deep v-necks and meet up on our beachcruisers in millennium park at 7:00! If you get there early enough we can have a vegan picnic!

Today was the free She & Him concert at Millennium Park, and there were too many people there!

I used the opportunity to doodle, just like last time. Hope you enjoy.

I just realized i wrote "your" instead of "you're" - sorry those of you who dig proper grammar.

Hope you enjoy these, whoever you are.

Speaking of enjoyment and all things twee and independent. You should check out "Batcave Beach" a new series from up-and-coming comic artists Aaron Whitaker and Melinda Tracy Boyce. I did an illustration for their band, The Jellyfish Bandits a few months ago. Batcave Beach is their comic collaboration and it's awesome. Chapter One is out know... for more information, follow the link to their website:

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