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sorry for making you guys look at my cartoon balls.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

now we're all caught up.
This is technically yesterday's comic, and yesterday's is technically friday's

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Journal Beginning

Starting a journal comic. Promising to try and keep it as updated as possible.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gags and Things - a post with too many words for me to expect anyone to read it.

I haven't updated in a while, but I've been busy.
You haven't seen much of it, but I've been working on a handful of ideas.
Here are some things you should keep your eyes peeled for from me sometime in the future:

I just finished a diptych that I like to call "Prombats" or "Wombat Prom" I would like to get a good picture of it up on flickr soon.

More paintings - lately I've been feeling super excited about my paintings rather than drawings, so thats pretty fun.

BUT don't count out the drawings! I have a lot of comic projects incubating in my brain nest.
bee tee dub - Linework just came out. Its really incredible, there are so many talented artists who contributed stories. If you would like a copy and didn't get one check out ShopColumbia in the 623 S. Wabash building. (There aren't really that many so hurry)

Also, I had submitted a handful of strips to the Columbia Chronicle, the college newspaper in the hope of doing a running comic for them. They ended up rejecting the proposal based on the fact that there isn't enough space in the paper. That sounded a little unfair I though - seeing as this is the first interest any student has shown in doing a comic in some time, and they already run syndicated political cartoons which must cost them more money than the none that I was willing to work for - and on top of that they waste so much space in that paper with full page ads and miscellany - and not to mention any running comic strip, no matter how unfunny, would likely increase readership if only to facilitate people mocking said unfunny comic.

Anyway, in the long run it's not a big deal, because I think it's time to take initiative to try and get involved with a possible second issue of Linework. I think if enough students are involved we should be able to garner the financial support needed to do a second issue. The first issue was really cool, and I just sort of got drafted into doing it. I'd like to take a more driven roll in bringing the artists together. So I have some people to talk to and hopefully get moving on it - more on that to come.

(Pardon the long list) There will be more Life Long Laser artwork coming soon. I need to get moving on the back cover - the band is really starting to sound excellent, and there's all sort of talk of releasing a cheap-as-free cd demo followed by a for-reals 7" or 12" version.

Finally - I'll leave you with some cartoons - 3 new one-panel gag comics that I just uploaded to flickr - thanks to my cartooning class

Finally finally - my new pie-in-the sky dream is to repurpose the rejected Chronicle strips into a collection. I've still got to draw most of them, but I have a lot of them written. It would be aces to get them done by a real publisher. Here's a treat (that is, if you like it) a preview of the kind of humor you can expect from them (I'll probably write a longwinded artists statement sometime down the line that argues why I'm some type of wunderkind. (down the line meaning when I eventually get rejected (thats too defeatist, I really should believe in myself)).

click to enhance, my darling.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

What's He Building in There?

if you aren't listening to Tom Waits right this minute... you're... wrong.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


"Passport", the Columbia College International Student Newsletter is now available to read online here:

I had the pleasure of illustrating a story written by my good friend T.J. Piccolo. It came out pretty great, though the whole story is too long to fit in the magazine but you can read the rest of it at the ISO Columbia blog

and for my die hard fan(s?) out there, (meaning those of you who are reading this right now) you get a special treat! Only four of my eight illustrations made it in to the magazine. So you get to check out the ones that didn't make it - think of it like bonus features.

The last one, which was intended to be like an endcap to the series of drawings is too large to post here as a jpeg, so I'll add it to my flickr and you can check it out there.