Monday, November 15, 2010

Kevin Answer's his first fan question.

On the previous post I got a comment that I thought might be fun to answer with a proper post, because it has some cool info, also I'm opening the floor to anyone who want's to ask any other questions. My feeble knowledge is yours to enjoy.
Here's what Zoraida wrote:

I love seeing the process!

I recently got a copy of "Process How I make my comics" by Jeffrey Brown and it was an instant favorite. It helps that he includes script excerpts, sketches and other miscellany in the envelope it comes in. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these posts.

Fan Questions:
What kind of paper are your finished strips on? I'm curious, why a nib as opposed to a micron or a regular ball point?

Keep them coming,

And here's my answer:
Thanks! I'm a fan of Jeffrey Brown! I heard he was putting out a process mini, I really want to read it. Any Easy Intimacy was a really influential book for me.

I use Strathmore smooth Bristol. I draw on the 300 series, but a lot of artists recommend the 400 or 500 series, which doesn't bleed as much. I don't really mind the 300 series because i think my work is already kind of rough looking

The nib pen is really the traditional cartooning tool. It can get a lot of different line qualities depending on the way you make marks, how much pressure you apply, etc. Also, the ink from Micron pens tends to brown or fade after time. There are some good "pen" pens out there, and a lot of artists like "brush" pens which sometimes come with cartridges. I've just never really gotten into using those. Once I picked up the dip pen I sorta got attached to it. 

Thanks for your questions! Answering fan mail is totally living the dream!

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