Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hot Doug's, Comics, Gloves, and "It's a Wonderful Strife"

Today's comic is brought to you by Hot Doug's, one of my very favorite restaurants in the city! Try the Marty Allen with everything. Excellent. 

I was supposed to be picking up the copies of Volume 1 from minuteman press today... but unfortunately they weren't ready. I'll be getting them tomorrow though, fingers crossed. After that, I should be officially opening the shop. Just letting you know in advance that any orders might take a little time to fill, on account of the holidays.

Also, for those of you who saw the comic concerning my issue of only having one glove - you can rest easy. I bought a pair of gloves today, as it has been maddeningly cold as of late.

And finally, you should all check out "It's a Wonderful Strife," Nick Drnaso's new book. Nick is a friend of mine, and a student at Columbia. He's just recently self published Wonderful Strife with the help of the Columbia print lab.

Just a quick review: "It's a Wonderful Strife" is a re-imagining of Frank Capra's classic film "It's a Wonderful Life." However, this story puts a much darker twist on the original plot. The story follows Leslie Morton, the anti-everyman of Bedford Falls, as he lives his life in the shadow of the smooth skinned, smoother talking George Bailey. Morton is an incredibly unsavory character, and the artist's intricate linework enhances his ugliness. Nick's rendering of the scenery and townspeople of Bedford Falls, as well as every fold and wart on his protagonist is damn masterful. The story is great too. The reader really has to decide wether to find this character sympathetic or not, as he seems like a very real person in what is actually a totally hollywood-ized world. Nick has a style that is as much dark comedy as it is tragedy - you should trust him to sufficiently corrupt this timeless classic.

To check out more of Nick's work, follow the link in the righthand column of this site marked "friends and acquaintances"

for samples of "It's a Wonderful Strife," go here

and here is a picture of me reading "It's a Wonderful Strife" while wearing the aforementioned new gloves.


  1. ! I told you I would buy you a pair! and you're messing with the best movie of all time? way to ruin Christmas.

  2. a) it was an emergency, my hands were cold
    b) i love the movie, but you should read the book. It's awesome.