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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Merry Christmas, from W. Hollywood Ave.

JD, Gary, and I hope wherever you are, you're enjoying the season;
we'll be waiting for santa by a nice roaring fire.

Monday, December 19, 2011

goin' on a holiday (& Vacuum Horror).

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet? Me neither; But I'm trying.

I've been doing my best to post as frequently as possible to keep everyone interested. I realized that doing only one comic a week is much less exciting for those of you who enjoyed checking back for a  daily strip.
Now that I'm done with school I'm going to try to post interesting stuff and drawings as often as possible. 
Also, I'll be starting a new daily project after the new year to keep myself drawing. It's not going to be a daily comic, but a drawing. I'll tell you more about it when I get closer to starting it, but I hope it will keep everyone entertained and interested in what I'm up to.

I probably won't be posting new strips or anything until after Christmas, possibly New Years. I want to take some time away from the computer to decompress. I'll still be drawing though, so keep an eye open for a new update, as well as that daily drawing project I mentioned.

In the meantime I got my hands on a copy of Vacuum Horror #1, a debut comic anthology published and edited by Max Morris. Max is a friend, a great cartoonist, and a maniacal "Shakespeare," of sorts. He was also one of the editors of the second issue of Linework, which would not have been as great without his curatorial eye.

I just sat down and read Vacuum Horror, which features an all-star line-up of contributors (I posted a full list after the photos,) and I have to say it's excellent. It's a who's who of young cartoonists, some of whom this may be your first time seeing their work, who you'll surely be seeing more from. From a visual standpoint it flows fantastically - oozing with a frantic energy.

You can pick up a copy at Qumby's Bookstore (1854 West North Avenue) in Chicago for a reasonably priced eight dollars (which will hopefully fund a second issue, or a wider printing of the first).

Vacuum Horror #1 contains work by
Leslie Weibeler
Dane Martin
Edie Fake
Max Morris
"Brett Koontz"
Andy Burkholder
April Camlin
Anya Davidson
David Alvarado
Paul Nudd
Nick Drnaso

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Someday they'll write about the Burnham Mart meeting of the minds.

Here's a counter clockwise rotation of the "jam" comic/exquisite corpse/menu that symbolizes the end of an era. Every week the past two or so years, a few of us columbia college cartoonists killed time before, between, and after classes at Burnham Mart. 

In honor of our last week of classes, we thought we would memorialize our time at Burnham with a huge, group drawing inspired by the menu from the grease-counter half of the convenience store establishment.

The eight panel drawing features each artist taking on a different item from the menu. And the Exquisite corpse done by myself and David Alvarado compliments the "jam" by personifying the average Burnham customer - lotto, liquor, italian beef, and hot pickles.

With it's world-famous gyros and it's 24oz "tall boy" pabsts, Burnham Mart will live in our hearts almost as long as it takes the smell of fried foods to fade from out clothes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Tiny-kev Blog Post

A few people out there have gotten to see the finished products of a project I spent a while working on this past fall. I thought it was about time I showed some of the pictures I took during the creation of the "Kevin Budnik action figures."

As part of a way to promote my comics and art I decided to make a bunch of little versions of myself out of wooden pieces from the craft store. 

I started with hot-gluing the heads onto the bodies and painting them a nice pinky fleshy tone. At this point the they look pretty much like an army of dicks.

I do pretty much everything at my desk, a simple layer of wax paper kept things neat and provided for easy clean-up.

lets put some hair on those little phalluses.

and pants - to cover their shame.

Here's an expanded view of the desktop, the dolls now have their shirts, pants, and shoes painted on. 

The last step was to draw faces on them. Also this pictures shows a bit of the detail on the plaid shirts - painted the pattern on.

The micron pen ended up working better than the dinky sharpie when it came to drawing on top of acrylic paint.

All done! Ready to be sealed into their packages (which I did make, from cellophane, thought I don't have any photos of them post-packaging handy). I think I remembered counting 47 total. I've given away a bunch of these, but if you're lucky and really nice, you might be able to get your hands on one. They take so long to make that I'd like to be frugal with them though.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Website and Final Portfolio!

Hey gang,
If you haven't heard, I've been working on a new website.
Well, that site "launched"yesterday, and I thought I'd take a second to announce it officially here on my blog. You can now browse my portfolio at!

There's still a few things to work out content-wise, I need to organize which pieces I want to showcase there, and re-organize them, but it's looking really cool if you ask me. I can hardly take any credit, the whole site was done by my good friend Matt Soria based on my really rough doodles. He's become a seriously talented web designer in the past year. His skills aren't limited to web though... You can check out his blog to see his other work including sketches, photography (in which he has a degree from Columbia College,) and crap!

I know I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was going to be taking this blog down once the new site went up, but I reconsidered. I think it would be best to keep it as my official blog. So I'll continue posting my weekly comic here as well as the "Comics" section of the new site.
I'm also going to be writing and posting more doodles and photos here. Since the site will be there to collect the comics, I'll have more room to play around with showing you guys cool stuff!

If you care, now you know!

Also, before I go, I wanted to mention that I posted a bunch of pictures of my physical portfolio on flickr. I'm finishing school in (I just realized) exactly one week. Another friend, Lindsay Levita, was talented and generous enough to make the actually book cover for me (I traded her a tiny wooden action figure of myself, which I'll tell you about later) and I filled in the pages. Check out Lindsay's blog here.
Between she and Matt, I owe some big dinners.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last night I printed and started folding a bunch of Christmas minis. Here's a peek at them! I'm in the middle of cutting and folding them now, but I'll have a handful done by tomorrow.

Starting this week I'll be handing them out - spreading on that holiday cheer thicker than figgy pudding.  If you see me over the holidays make sure you grab one! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Today's post is a little late - I took the weekend to relax and just got back to my apartment tonight.
Anyway, I mentioned last week that in a little while I'll have a brand new blog and website. It's coming soon, don't despair, these things take patience. 
In the meantime I thought I'd show you what came in the mail the other day:

Buttons! These bad boys are 1" in diameter and I had 100 of them made as promotional items for entering the real world.

Thanks to Busy Beaver Button Co. located right here in Chicago! These are so cool, guys!
If you'd like to get your hands on one of these babies, let me know next time I see you.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New comic today, new website coming soon.

Hey gang, 
I just wanted to take a moment and let you know that in the next week or so I will be launching a new website: It's currently under construction, but it's going to be ready real soon, and once it is, I'm going to be posting comics and blogging there instead of here. It's also going to serve as my main portfolio website, so there will be lots of work to check out. I promise I'll try and blog often about various goings on in my life, so you'll have a reason to check back more than once a week.

I'm also going to be systematically uploading the older daily strips to the new site. Once they're all up, I'm going to delete all the previous posts on this blog. I'll make sure to leave a forwarding link, so if you come along and there's nothing here you'll be able to find the new site.

Anyway, thanks for sticking around, I hope you like the new site.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Friday, November 4, 2011

Morning everyone, 

I realized that I've sort of let the ol' blog get a little dusty again over the last few weeks. This is a pretty busy semester, but I thought I'd take the time to let you know about some cool happenings.

If you're a diligent reader, you may remember a while back I mentioned I was doing an illustration for the band Sexfist. Well I finally got to see the fruits of my labor - They sent me one of the shirts with my design on it, and it's awesome. They did a great job printing them, I dig the purple on light grey. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

it's wrinkly. sorry mom.

If you'd like to procure on of these babies for yourself, follow the link above to their site, and check out when they're playing. Then go see them and pick one up at the merch table (The shirts aren't available through their shop as far as I know).

Next item of business: I'm going to be in a show opening November 10th. "The 19th Annual Hokin Honors Exhibit showcases the work of undergraduate students who have been nominated by faculty a Columbia College for their outstanding artistic achievement and future potential" so sayeth the exhibit flier. I was in the show last year, and was lucky enough to be nominated again this year. Come by and check out the opening next Thursday night from 5 - 7pm in the C33 gallery., 33 E. Congress, first floor. I'll be showing two original comics pages (from the second issue of LINEWORK) as well as one of the very first copies of my full collection of OEILR strips (with hand printed covers)!
The exhibit flier features one of last years' top prize winning pieces: Untitled #20, a silver gelatin photgraph by Marne Provost.

Lastly, I was recently featured in an article on the Yale University Press blog. The article is called "How I Learned to Think Like a Cartoonist," and it's about my year-long comics project which (you may know) was inspired by an assignment from Ivan Brunetti's recent book Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice. It was really flattering to be recognized by Yale, and I had fun writing the article. I hope it reveals a bit about how beneficial drawing every day can be, and how it's important to motivate yourself as an evolving artist. 

That's about it. Keep the dial turned here for Sunday's strip. I hope you've been enjoying the new format. it's been a different way of thinking in order to produce them, and I'm not sure what shape things will take once school ends. I feel like drawing one every day made some of the strips more interesting, because I almost had an attitude of panic about it. I may go back to that when things quiet down again. But I'd also like to build up a few weeks' worth of these long format strips in order to print them, but who knows. 
I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about these things.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

welcome back.

 Goin horizontal, y'all.

I've been working on a few things that I'll be sure to post pictures of soon,
tiny wooden dolls and linoleum block book covers.

From now on I'll be posting a strip each Sunday. 

And soon I'll have details about a brand new website.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Comic!

Hey everyone. It's only one more week until I start back up doing my journal comic. I'll be doing them on a weekly basis now, so check back every Sunday for updates. Hopefully this will tide you over until then.

Friday, September 30, 2011

There, now that's over with, too.

The 30 day challenge is over! Happy October everyone. 

If you've been jonesin' for more comics, I'll be posting a "bonus" 12-panel strip on Sunday, just to get things ready for next week when I go back to a regular schedule. 

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Day 366. What's next?

There we go, the last strip, bringing it around to a year and one day. September 24th, 2010, to September 24th, 2011.
I hope you guys enjoyed following along the past year! It was really encouraging to know I was drawing for an audience.

How will you go on you ask? How will you satisfy your need to read my self absorbed pen scratches?
Fear not! 
I'm going to be taking a break for a week, to work on some school work, and to work on putting together a book proposal for a collection of all the strips. Then, starting one week from tomorrow, I'll be going back to work on journal comics. 

This time around I'll be drawing a 12-panel strip each week and posting it on Sunday, and if I can figure out a way to color them that I like, I might do that, in order to give them the proper "sunday comics" treatment. 

The first strip will be posted on October 9th. I'll be sure to remind everyone through all the social networking portals.
Until then you can always go back and read the four panel strips, they're all still here on the blog.
Also you can check back until the end of September as 30 day drawing challenge goes out with a whimper. 

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy One Year-versary!

It's been a whole 365 days since I began this comic. I feel like I should say something important to make this historic occasion, but I can't muster anything up. Honestly I started this on a whim as a challenge to myself, and out of it came a project that was at times frustrating and rewarding. I feel like I've grown a lot in terms of the amount of work I can create in a given amount of time (the argument of quality v. quantity aside.) I've also grown a lot in terms of training myself to see the world through comics. Anyway, before this sentiment I'm feeling turns into some dumb artists' statement, I'm going to digress, and say "Thanks."

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me by reading my strip and telling me they enjoyed it, or merely didn't tell me anything because they were indifferent. Basically just "Thanks."

Stay tuned for the final four-panel strip tomorrow, and I'll be clarifying what I'm going to be doing with the strip from here on.

Oh, and here are the strips from yesterday and today, as well as day 22 and 23 of the 30 day drawing challenge. Does anyone else think the themes of the day are getting a bit too obtuse?

And I almost forgot to mention, I was published in the Fall 2011 issue of the South Loop Review, a creative nonfiction and art magazine published by Columbia College Chicago. One of my dailies from last October (actually the one I chose as my favorite) is in there, blown up to almost 2x the size it was drawn at (yikes.)

Here are some photos of myself and Matt who just happened to be visiting my apartment posing with the issue:

Wednesday, September 21, 2011