Sunday, May 1, 2011

I realized I haven't taken time to update beyond the usual daily comic, so I figured I'd write a quick hello to everyone out there who's reading. School's wrapping up soon, and this is the traditional busy time of the year, but I'm not feeling too stressed (fingers crossed.) I'm nearly done with almost all of my final projects aside from a few finishing touches - all that's left to do now is show up and turn them in. 

We're really close to the release of Linework 2, the anthology of student comics that I helped co-edit. I'll dedicate a post about that as soon as we get the book back from the printer. 

As far as summer work goes, I'm going to be trying to print Volumes 4-6 of Our Ever Improving Living Room in time for the Wizard World Comic Convention in August, at which the Linework team (myself, Nick Drnaso, and Max Morris) will have a table where you can hang with us and pick up a copy of both issues of Linework, as well as our own books. I'll make sure to update more about that when it gets closer.

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