Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm Back + Allston D.I.Y and Sexfist

Hey guys. Hope everyone is having a safe and happy 4th of July weekend (safe and happy is something I heard a dj on the radio say about the 4th of July weekend, I guess it's just assumed at this point that people are going to injure themselves at least once in that Friday though Monday window).


I promised I would have some updates about exiting new projects I've been working on and since I'd hate to lie to, you here we go:

Allston D.I.Y Festival is set to go down for its second year this July 23rd in Ringer Park in Allston, Mass. A friend of mine along with a bunch of industrious Allstonians (Allstoners?) helped found the festival last year. I did a flier last time around and I more than happily obliged when I was called upon to do one this year.
If you're in the Boston area July 23rd I suggest checking it out, it promises to be pretty awesome. Also, make sure to check out any of the local house venues for pre and after-park concerts.
Check out the Allston D.I.Y Fest Facebook page for more info:

And keep your eyes open for these intrepid young ladies I chose for the poster design: The Beards. They're the best new, underground, fictional, cartoon, girls-with-beards band to hit the scene. I'm going to be bringing them back somehow because I love them.  

Finally, there is a band called Sexfist. They're a bluegrass band with roots in Rogers Park, but lately they've been playing every Tuesday night at the Kinetic Playground (1113 West Lawrence Ave). You've probably seen fliers for their shows and haven't even noticed them because they're so omnipresent. They're celebrating their 7th anniversary on Saturday, July 9th at the Red Line Tap (7006 N. Glenwood). 

In honor of the event they asked me to create an illustration in the spirit of the previous art the had done for them by Ivan Brunetti. The theme was "lucky 7s" and after much deliberation I came up with this:

Thanks to Jon and the guys from Sexfist for all the feedback on the different iterations the drawing went through in the last couple days. Also thanks to Ivan for passing my work along to the guys.
I hope everyone likes it. You'll shortly be able to purchase shirts featuring a one-color version of the illustration, and who knows, you may see my art popping on fliers in bar windows and light poles on Chicago's north side.

Sometime in the near future I'll dedicate a blog post to the various versions of the Sexfist illustration, as there are several. 

That's it! Have a good night, and a safe and whatever 4th. 

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