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27 days left... tell me your favorite strip!

I started my daily comic on September 24th, 2010, that means it's been almost a whole year! I'd like to offer everyone my continuous thanks for keeping up with it. Hearing how much you enjoy the strip keeps me motivated. You guys are awesome.

After September 24th, 2011 I'm going to be taking a break. Don't worry though, I'll still be posting comics, though they'll be longer, and some may even be in color so they won't be daily. You'll just have to check back weekly or monthly to see what's new. I'll also be sure to update on Facebook and Twitter (ugh) whenever I post a new strip. I'm really excited about working in a new format and giving myself more time to plan things out.

So sit back and enjoy the last 27 days of my year of comics!

While you're waiting I thought it might be fun if I asked everyone what their favorite strip has been.
If you've got some time, go back through the blog and see if you can pick out the one that has the most meaning to you, for whatever reason. Maybe it brings up a memory, maybe it's simply a brilliant and astute insight into the universal human condition... or maybe you just like it cause you're in it. whatever.

Post your choices in comments on this entry, or on the related Facebook (ugh again) thread. 
At the end of September I'll post a "greatest hits" list of my top 5 favorites.

Thanks for reading!

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Update coming tomorrow.


Thanks to everyone who came out to see us at comic con this weekend. Its was my first experience attending a con, even as a fan, so it was definitely interesting. Thanks for buying our books and chatting with us. Hopefully those of you who bought Our Ever Improving Living Room enjoyed it (you helped me recoupe at least some of the money I spent on books myself).

I had a great time talking with everyone who stopped by. It was honestly really rewarding to see strangers enjoying my work. I haven't felt that confident in a while. Thanks!

Anyway, I apologize for not having posted the last few days. Iv'e been drawing, just not scanning or uploading. I'll have a 6-day long post tomorrow, so make sure you check back.

Oh, and if by chance you picked up a copy of my book this weekend and are seeing this blog for the first time... Welcome! Make sure to catch up on all the months of comics you've missed, they're all still posted. Also check out the sidebar on the right side of the page for links to my flickr, as well as a bunch of talented artists/friends through comics. You can also click the link at the very top if you'd like to get any back-copies of OEILR.

Finally, I'd like to let you guys know that since I'm approaching a year of daily comics, I'm going to start putting together a paperback collection of OEILR. I'll be self publishing it, and I haven't yet figured out how much it will cost to do that, so I'm planning on launching a kickstarter (possibly in the fall) if you'd like to help out with donations. If you don't know what kickstarter is, just hang tight, details will be forthcoming. Everyone who pledges will get an awesome reward! More specifics on that later, though.

This entry has been very monetary/greed-centic.

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This weekend I'll be at Wizard World comic convention in Rosemont, I'm sharing a table with Nick Drnaso and Max Morris to promote Linework. We'll all be selling copies as well as our own mini's. If you're planning on attending I think our table is 3704? 

Also be sure to check out Ivan Brunetti's table, adjacent to ours, as well as the Yeti Press table.

Oh, and don't forget to check out the Buffy and Willy Wonka reunions.

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