Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ten Days Left.

Here we go everyone. Starting tomorrow there are only ten day left until the one year anniversary of Our Ever Improving Living Room.
I know I've been saying that I'm going to be ending the strip after September 24th, but please don't fret, that's not true.
I'm only ending the strip in it's current incarnation. I'll still be drawing a journal comic, only now it's going to be 12 panels long, and I'll only be doing it once a week or every other week. I promise to keep posting them if you promise to keep reading, but I could use a little bit of time to work on getting a formal book together to send to publishers, as well as completing my last semester at school. I've also been working on developing a new website with help from Matt, who's becoming seriously adept at web design.
Until that site goes up I'll leave all the OEILRs here on my blog, but once it's ready I'm planning on taking them all down, on account of we're planning on having a section of the website where you can read them all. It would just be easier to have all your Kevin Budnik needs consolidated to one place, no?

So once again, follow me on facebook, twitter, flickr for new updates after the 24th, and check back often because www.kevinbudnik.com is coming!
Also, a few weeks ago I put out a call for everyone to post their picks for their favorite strips. Thanks a lot to everyone who posted and told me in person, I know a few people had trouble commenting (something's funny with the comments function on blogger). I'll be picking my top 5 this week and I'll be sure to post them here.

That's it, I know some of it is old news, but it helps to unload info on you guys sometimes, clears out the brain.
Now please enjoy day 13 of the 30 day drawing challenge, followed by a short "jam" comic that David Alvarado and I drew today. I think it's pretty awesome.

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  1. Dude...I love the "I'm leaving you" strip - classic!