Friday, November 4, 2011

Morning everyone, 

I realized that I've sort of let the ol' blog get a little dusty again over the last few weeks. This is a pretty busy semester, but I thought I'd take the time to let you know about some cool happenings.

If you're a diligent reader, you may remember a while back I mentioned I was doing an illustration for the band Sexfist. Well I finally got to see the fruits of my labor - They sent me one of the shirts with my design on it, and it's awesome. They did a great job printing them, I dig the purple on light grey. Here's a picture of me wearing it:

it's wrinkly. sorry mom.

If you'd like to procure on of these babies for yourself, follow the link above to their site, and check out when they're playing. Then go see them and pick one up at the merch table (The shirts aren't available through their shop as far as I know).

Next item of business: I'm going to be in a show opening November 10th. "The 19th Annual Hokin Honors Exhibit showcases the work of undergraduate students who have been nominated by faculty a Columbia College for their outstanding artistic achievement and future potential" so sayeth the exhibit flier. I was in the show last year, and was lucky enough to be nominated again this year. Come by and check out the opening next Thursday night from 5 - 7pm in the C33 gallery., 33 E. Congress, first floor. I'll be showing two original comics pages (from the second issue of LINEWORK) as well as one of the very first copies of my full collection of OEILR strips (with hand printed covers)!
The exhibit flier features one of last years' top prize winning pieces: Untitled #20, a silver gelatin photgraph by Marne Provost.

Lastly, I was recently featured in an article on the Yale University Press blog. The article is called "How I Learned to Think Like a Cartoonist," and it's about my year-long comics project which (you may know) was inspired by an assignment from Ivan Brunetti's recent book Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice. It was really flattering to be recognized by Yale, and I had fun writing the article. I hope it reveals a bit about how beneficial drawing every day can be, and how it's important to motivate yourself as an evolving artist. 

That's about it. Keep the dial turned here for Sunday's strip. I hope you've been enjoying the new format. it's been a different way of thinking in order to produce them, and I'm not sure what shape things will take once school ends. I feel like drawing one every day made some of the strips more interesting, because I almost had an attitude of panic about it. I may go back to that when things quiet down again. But I'd also like to build up a few weeks' worth of these long format strips in order to print them, but who knows. 
I just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about these things.

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