Friday, December 16, 2011

Someday they'll write about the Burnham Mart meeting of the minds.

Here's a counter clockwise rotation of the "jam" comic/exquisite corpse/menu that symbolizes the end of an era. Every week the past two or so years, a few of us columbia college cartoonists killed time before, between, and after classes at Burnham Mart. 

In honor of our last week of classes, we thought we would memorialize our time at Burnham with a huge, group drawing inspired by the menu from the grease-counter half of the convenience store establishment.

The eight panel drawing features each artist taking on a different item from the menu. And the Exquisite corpse done by myself and David Alvarado compliments the "jam" by personifying the average Burnham customer - lotto, liquor, italian beef, and hot pickles.

With it's world-famous gyros and it's 24oz "tall boy" pabsts, Burnham Mart will live in our hearts almost as long as it takes the smell of fried foods to fade from out clothes.

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