Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Tiny-kev Blog Post

A few people out there have gotten to see the finished products of a project I spent a while working on this past fall. I thought it was about time I showed some of the pictures I took during the creation of the "Kevin Budnik action figures."

As part of a way to promote my comics and art I decided to make a bunch of little versions of myself out of wooden pieces from the craft store. 

I started with hot-gluing the heads onto the bodies and painting them a nice pinky fleshy tone. At this point the they look pretty much like an army of dicks.

I do pretty much everything at my desk, a simple layer of wax paper kept things neat and provided for easy clean-up.

lets put some hair on those little phalluses.

and pants - to cover their shame.

Here's an expanded view of the desktop, the dolls now have their shirts, pants, and shoes painted on. 

The last step was to draw faces on them. Also this pictures shows a bit of the detail on the plaid shirts - painted the pattern on.

The micron pen ended up working better than the dinky sharpie when it came to drawing on top of acrylic paint.

All done! Ready to be sealed into their packages (which I did make, from cellophane, thought I don't have any photos of them post-packaging handy). I think I remembered counting 47 total. I've given away a bunch of these, but if you're lucky and really nice, you might be able to get your hands on one. They take so long to make that I'd like to be frugal with them though.

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