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SAVEUR Recipe Comix

Hey Gang,

Just in time for lunch, I thought I post a link to the Recipe Comix section of SAVEUR magazine's website, which today features a recipe by yours truly!

Thanks to everyone at SAVEUR - I had a blast working on this strip.
Also thanks to all the Burnham Mart cartoonists, as we shall be known in the annals of history.

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I posted a bunch of new pictures to my flickr just now, they're mostly the series of paintings I just finished. Two new Luchadores to add to the two I had done a while back.
I've been really enjoying painting as of late.

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Good Weather for Bad Poetry starts May 1st

I posted right before Zinefest that I was going to start printing monthly Zines of poems and doodles and ephemera.
Since most of what I saw I'm going to do never gets done the way I say I'll do it, I would like to announce that I've changed my mind, and I'm going to be using the blog to post those doodles and illustrated poems and such.

I'm going to start doing that around May 1st

This is symbolic of the move to my new apartment.

This is also an important date because I will no longer be posting weekly updates to my comic starting on May 1st. Instead, I'm going to take the summer to work on compiling a longer narrative out of the strips I've been working on each week.

I hope you guys will all still check back in regularly to see what I'm up to.
I'll still be working on my "year of worldly posessions" project, so there will be new content every day.

Also bad poetry.

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Special shout out to everyone involved with making Zine Fest happen this weekend. It was awesome! I had a great time browsing the tables and chatting with people. The highlight was definitely hanging out with my favorite volunteers Linsday Levita and Matt Soria - making Zines at the kids table!

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I almost forgot to mention - they're truly AWFUL poems.


I've always been a bit of a poet (I've always been a bit of an asshole)
and I have a handful of ideas for drawings and a bunch of doodles (I need a place to publish my garbage drawings)
So I decided to start making zines of poems and scribbles and miscellaneous stuff.
The title is "Good Weather for Writing Bad Poetry" -  a tribute to a saying my uncle has.
I just finished the "March 2012" issue (16 pages including front and back cover, with art on every page), which means I'm going to attempt to make an April 2012 issue, and so forth. You'll be able to get your hands on them at Quimby's and Chicago Comics most likely.

For now, I have 15 copies of the first issue. I'll be at Chicago Zinefest tomorrow, if you wanna trade. 

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Not too long ago, I finished the art for a comic that was written by my friend RJ Casey, and it's soon to be available from Yeti Press. Its a short, funny story about a dedicated sandwich-maker who believes deep down that submarine sandwiches are the life of the party. I had fun drawing it, and am proud to be among the Yeti Press artists. Look for it and Yeti Press at conventions this spring.

I'm also extremely honored to have a fold-down 8-panel strip included in the upcoming Corpus Corpus anthology #4. The theme is "pox," and there are a number of awesome artists involved. The anthology is actually a collection of mini comics, and it's being put together by artist and gross-out guru Paul Nudd. I'll have more information about it as soon as I hear more, but for now here re the first two panels of my strip:


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