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Kingsford T-shirts

A little while ago, I got asked to design two t-shirts for Kingsford, a charcoal and grilling company.
They asked for two similarly-themed illustrations, based on the traditional "cuts of meat" diagrams that you see in butchery.

Here are the pre-production photos of the shirts, along with images of my designs, and some sketches

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Just a reminder, tonight I'll be taking part in a live comic reading at Challengers Comics (1845 N. Western Ave.), from 8-9pm. 

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This Thursday, the 25th of October, I'm going to be a part of "Panel Babble," a live comic reading at Challengers Comics. The event is being sponsored by RJ Casey of Yeti Press, the man behind the "Party Sub" story I did a while back.
The lineup features some really talented artists, who will be reading and discussing their work.

If you'd like to stop by and see me mumble my way through a few of my original daily comics, this is your chance!
I've never been to a live comic reading, much less taken part in one, so we'll see how this goes.

The event is from 8-9pm and afterwards there will be a chance to hang out and meet the artists. I'll have some books available, including what's left of the full 365-day OEILR collections.

Challengers is located at 1841 N. Western Ave., Chicago.

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new mumble core strips, new comics (hopefully) every Wednesday.


Here are the two most recent "Mumblecore Comix" strips from The Columbia Chronicle. Pick up a copy of this week's wherever they might be found.

Also, I've started doing journal comics again. I'm going to try to update ever Wednesday with a new four-panel strip. Read and (hopefully) enjoy.

you'll have to click to enlarge it, but without further ado:


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mumblecore comix, two for one special.

Here is the more recently published "mumblecore comix" strip. I forgot to publish the strip that ran in last week's Chronicle, as well, so here it is.

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Friday, October 5, 2012

New Painting

I did another miniature painting, acrylic on 2 and 1/2 X 2 and 1/2 inches. I have two more canvases that size that I'll be using eventually. I rather like doing these, they're a nice break from my usual style.

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I just finished up a poster for The Wild Honey Pie's CMJ 2012 showcase - here are a few outtakes and sketches from the process.
You can view the poster on Flickr

The Wild Honey Pie is an underground music website based in New York. They artfully produce and direct videos and recordings of up and coming new artists. If you're going to be in Brooklyn on October 18th, I recommend checking out the show.