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I posted the scans of this book to my flickr yesterday, follow this link and click through the pages to read and enjoy. Watch out for Benji - he's an up-and-comer.

He also like to run away and hide under cars.

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New Website Updates, Flickr Updates, Weeks of Welcome Mural

Earlier this spring, I was fortunate enough to be among a group of artists selected to create a mural in the Glass Curtain Gallery at in the 1104 South Wabash Building of Columbia College.
The theme of the mural was timeline, depicting major events hosted by the college throughout the year. My section represented the "Weeks of Welcome" for incoming freshmen students.

I just posted a bunch of photos of the mural in progress over on my Flickr, as well as the initial concept sketch to the "Paintings" section of my website.

There are also a handful of new Wild Honey Pie Buzzsessions that I've done some work for. The Majestic Kishi Bashi, Greylag, and a hometown favorite of mine, Maps & Atlases. Check those out and download the tracks (art included!) here.

Erik Lundquist hard at work on the first stages of his section

Nick Drnaso, precise, meticulous, indefatigable, etc.

David Alvarado ties his shoes, while his mural looks on

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