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Double Page Spread

Yeti Press was recently featured on Double Page Spread, a podcast about comic books, creators, and fans. Myself, David Alvarado, Eric Roesner, Kat Leyh and RJ Casey were invited to talk about our various processes, our insecurities, and our thoughts on Sherlock Holmes among other things.

You can download and listen to it here : or on itunes, I believe.
or follow Double Page Spread on tumblr :

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get it?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Here's your Sunday Monster.
and if you're interested, I've been keeping up with the strip I started a few weeks ago "The Continuing Adventures of Egg-Man and Bacon Boy"

here is this week's strip:

you can click it to make it a reasonable readin' size.
and you can catch up at

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mornin' - happy wednesday.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I like doing these - I'm going to keep them up as a way to tie together the weekly stories.
New 4-panel strip tomorrow.

I did this drawing last night, as part of a weekly workshop I've been going to for contributors of the Linework Anthology. I think the consensus among the others who've been going is that it's a really relaxing way to keep ourselves working and hang out.

See some of our work on the workshop blog: LINEWORKSHOP

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It's Sunday. I hope you're having a nice morning. Are you drinking a cup of coffee as you're reading this? I hope it's nice. What's that? Cinnamon spice? Sounds good.

Seeing as it is Sunday, There's a new Egg-Man and Bacon Boy strip up, a week ahead of the one that will run in this week's Columbia Chronicle. Go check it out HERE, because on the internet everyone is living in the future.

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Release Party at Challengers Comics - March 9th

On Saturday, March 9th, I'll be at Challengers Comics on 1845 N. Western Avenue (steps from the Western Blue Line) to celebrate the release of Our Ever Improving Living Room.
Stop by to say hi and pick up a copy of the book - I'm told there will be complimentary adult refreshments.

I'll make sure to post again when the date gets closer, since it's a while off.

Hey there lil' guy.

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"Our Ever Improving Living Room" - Now on sale.

Just a heads up, Our Ever Improving Living Room - the daily diary is NOW AVAILABLE at the Yeti press website. 
I won't be able to give anyone a copy directly, so if you'd like one, please get it throughYeti by clicking here: Yeti Press Store

here's an old comic to hopefully brighten your day:

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depends on who you're talking to, I guess.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Here is is - The Our Ever Improving Living Room Book.

Hot off the (Yeti) presses. The first year of my journal comic (the daily strip) is now available for you to own in 6" x 6" full color-cover glory.
It's kind of unbelievable to me to think that this book is the realization of something I never imagined could actually come to be. When I started my comic I had wild dreams to see it collected one day, and I just want to say thanks to everyone who reads and who helped get this book made.

You can order your very own copy at the Yeti Press website, Here
and while you're there, check out some of the other Yeti Press books! Fish orgies and pancakes.

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Famous Game Show Host Trading Cards - 30 of 30
Allen Luden - "Password"

The last game show host! - keep an eye out tomorrow for a new project - 40 monsters

and enjoy this week's journal strip:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Famous Game Show Hosts Trading Cards - 29 of 30
Tom Kennedy - "Name That Tune"

Monday, February 4, 2013

Famous Game Show Host Trading Cards - 28 of 30
Jim Lange - "The Dating Game"

Sunday, February 3, 2013

everybody is entitled to at least a little adventure time fan art.

Famous Game Show Host Trading Cards - 27 of 30
Drew Carey - "The Price Is Right"

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Website Updates, Store Launch, Mini comics and More!

Hey Gang,

We're closing in on the last of the Famous Game Show Host Trading Card Series.

If you want a sneak peak at the final few, check out this image on my flickr, a collection of all 30

Starting sometime in February, I'm going to switch over to a 40 day project based on a series of monsters I doodled for a drawing exercise the other day. I'll be posting one a day in the same style as the Game Show Hosts

In the mean time, please keep reading my weekly "Our Ever Improving Living Room" strips, updated every Wednesday as usual.

And every Sunday, head over to to read "The Continuing Adventures of Egg-Man and Bacon Boy." Speaking of which, the first strip debuted last week in the Columbia Chronicle's "Free Ice Cream" section.

This semester they've expanded their selection of comics, which I'm really excited about.
I'm a big fan of Jonathan Wilcox's strip "Journal of a Shut-In" and David Alvarado's autobiographical work. It's interesting to see the variations of talented cartoonists at Columbia.

I wanted to mention I've made some updates to my website, as well - some more recent illustration work, as well as a brand new online store where you can get any of the 32 page collections of the first half of the first year of Our Ever Improving Living Room.
I'll be adding some more stuff to the store in the next few weeks, hopefully. I'd like to gave some prints available, and I'm going to look into printing sets of the game show host cards, if people seem to want them.

ALSO! I'm beginning a monthly series of 8 page fold-down mini comics. I have two ready to go, one from December, 2012 (ONLY 7 copies left!) and a brand new one for January 2013 - here is the first panel:

You'll be able to pick them up in person at Chicago Comics and Quimby's, or you can order them online, or if you are someone who I see frequently, I will get you one in person!

Finally, I'd like to write a brief message about last week's three part strip, if that's ok.
Autobiographical comics are difficult. They are difficult because when you start to think of your life as a means of fuel for a terse 4 panel art form, it becomes hard to separate reality and cartoon.
Details get lost in translation, and hyperbole becomes a tool to convey emotion quicker and simpler. 
My recent strips have focused mainly on my anxieties concerning eating disorders and obsessive behaviors. As a result of those behaviors, my thinking has become narrow and selfish. When all is said and done I would like to have my current journal comics chronicle my recovery, so that others who deal with these issues might be able to identify with it and help themselves down the road.
I apologize if it seems as if I'm using interactions with my friends as a means to an end. I will try to take into account the thoughts of others more in the future, both in comics and in life.

Thanks as always for reading.

Famous Game Show Hosts Trading Cards - 26 of 30
Bert Convy - "Tattletales"

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Famous Game Show Hosts Trading Cards - 25 of 30
Peter Marshal - "Hollywood Squares"