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Here's a preview of what I'm working on this week - a one page story for the 5th issue of LINEWORK.

Those are warm socks, because I didn't expect it to be 90 degrees today.

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Brain Frame 12 - tomorrow!

Just a reminder- i”ll be reading tomorrow night as part of BRAIN FRAME, a comics performance series.
The link to the event page is here: BRAIN FRAME 12
and here’s a bit more about BRAIN FRAME: About

Come see me meticulously aliente a room of people by talking about my personal problems!

Alex Nall sent me this cartoon today, as a birthday card. I thought I'd share it. Also pictured - RJ Casey and David Alvarado.
I have issues with the ingredients in this  cake - maybe too much butter and sugar?

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The Infinite Corpse

These are my panels from The Infinite Corpse, an exquisite corpse-style "jam comic" with over 200 artists and growing.
It was started by members of Trubble Club, and is now open to any who'd like to contribute - check the  website for guidlines.

I chose to follow Martin Cendreda's strip, but there are many points where you can jump into the story. Check out the link below to see my strip and those before/after it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TCAF and Brain Frame

This coming weekend I'll be at TCAF in Toronto with Yeti Press. I'm so excited to get to go this year. I've been to the city once before, but never to the festival.
If anyone has any exciting things to check out in Toronto, let me know- I'll try to fit it in between all of the comics wonderfulness.

The weekend after that I'll be reading as part of BRAIN FRAME 12. That's the poster right there. cool, huh? It's taking place at The Orphanage, a new location than the one I mentioned previously.
Again, that's
Saturday, May 18th, doors at 8pm, $7
643 W 31st St, 2nd floor
Here's a link to the Brain Frame tumblr: Brain Frame 12

Those posters will be for sale at the show as well for a mere pittance of ten dollars!

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I'm all a-flutter. I got a book review.

Our Ever Improving Living Room was reviewed today on High-Low, a blog run by Rob Clough who also writes for The Comics Journal.
I've kinda been gushing on twitter a bit all night, because it was my first real book review, and Rob had incredibly nice things to say.
I just wanna say thanks to everyone who has read the book and followed along, especially my friends and family who have supported me though everything (I sound like I'm accepting some lifetime achievement award). I know it's just one review, so I feel like I'm getting a big head, but it's my first ever, so I'm a bit "tingly."
Anyway, I apologize if I'm getting too vain, even though I know you're not inside my head and you (might) not be judging me, probably.

If you want to read the review, it's on High Low - HERE
also, mentioned in the article are Julie Delporte's Journal and Sean Azzopardi's 100 Days of Winter, Nine Months of Beige, and Eight Tablet Dream. Both of which I can't wait to read, as they seem beautiful and heart wrenching, as well as incredibly identifiable for what I write about.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

This is the problem with the internet.

Yesterday I said I was going to continue doing "Egg-Man" through the summer. Right now I'm not sure if I will.
I often say things on this blog and then don't follow through with them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Sorry for the lack of drawings today,
but a May is upon us, and I'm about to get very busy.
Allow me to fill you in:

First of all, if you are following The Continuing Adventures of Egg-Man and Bacon Boy then fret not, that strip will continue through the summer. I should have time to put out one strip a week as I have been.

Next, from May 10th to the 12th, I'll be attending TCAF - the Toronto Comics and Arts Festival. I'll be at the Yeti Press table with copies of my book, so if you're going to be in Toronto for the convention, please stop by and check us out. I'll draw you a picture as a gesture of thanks.

Third, the Saturday after TCAF, on May 18th, I'll be reading as a part of BRAIN FRAME 12. Brain Frame, for those of you who don't know, is a live comics reading/performance/hullabaloo. I'll be reading the first half of what has come to be the story of my fight with disordered eating.
The Facebook event (which you can reach by following the link) has a lot more details, along with a list of the other readers, who I'm very honored to be among.

Finally, thank you everyone who gave me feedback on the watercolor comics I've been doing. I've heard a lot of really positive stuff, so I want to keep doing them as much as I can. They're really fun to do.

BUT! my work schedule is going to be changing pretty soon. Summer Camp is starting. That means I'll be outside in the blistering sun for 8 hours Monday through Friday, and will likely not have a lot of time to draw.
That's it, I just wanted to warn you.