Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm all a-flutter. I got a book review.

Our Ever Improving Living Room was reviewed today on High-Low, a blog run by Rob Clough who also writes for The Comics Journal.
I've kinda been gushing on twitter a bit all night, because it was my first real book review, and Rob had incredibly nice things to say.
I just wanna say thanks to everyone who has read the book and followed along, especially my friends and family who have supported me though everything (I sound like I'm accepting some lifetime achievement award). I know it's just one review, so I feel like I'm getting a big head, but it's my first ever, so I'm a bit "tingly."
Anyway, I apologize if I'm getting too vain, even though I know you're not inside my head and you (might) not be judging me, probably.

If you want to read the review, it's on High Low - HERE
also, mentioned in the article are Julie Delporte's Journal and Sean Azzopardi's 100 Days of Winter, Nine Months of Beige, and Eight Tablet Dream. Both of which I can't wait to read, as they seem beautiful and heart wrenching, as well as incredibly identifiable for what I write about.

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