Friday, June 21, 2013

The video from BRAIN FRAME 12 is up.

The video of my performace from BRAIN FRAME 12 is up. You can watch it by clicking the Brain Frame link, or going to vimeo: HERE.

I'm going to try to embed the video here later, but it doesn't quite seem to be working right now.

"Dust Motes" is the likely title for the next collection of journal comics I'd like to release as a book.
If you watch the video, or have been reading for a while, you'll see that they're older strips - directly following the first year of my daily strip.

They deal with an ongoing problem though, something that took me a while to realize, and that I'll probably be dealing with forever.

I'm glad to have comics as an outlet though. Drawing keeps my head right, and the amount of support I felt after this performance was incredible.
Thank you for reading, thank you for watching.

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