Thursday, July 11, 2013

Il Corpsey Infinitium il Brain Framium XIII

Brain Frame, the strange, fascinating, and exciting, live comix show is entering its Terrible Twos (terrible in the sense that it will continue to kick ass and take names).
The 2nd anniversary performance is SUNDAY, JULY 28TH at 5PM (SHOW AT 6PM)
at the CO-PROSPERITY SPHERE - 3221 S MORGAN ST in Bridgeport. $8

As part of the show, I'll be joining the jam-comics collective Trubble Club as they a live interpretation of the Infinite Corpse, the never-ending, ever-expanding, multi-dimensional online comic. You, the audience, will choose which path everyman skeleton Corpsey should take next.

Full details on Brain Frame, and the show here: BRAIN FRAME TUMBLR
and check out the program image designed by Brad Roloff -

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