Thursday, July 25, 2013

Trubble Club MCA Comic Day and Brain Frame 13 - July 27th and 28th

Trubble Club will be devuting our completed mural "Vitreous Humor" this Saturday at the MCA. Also, we'll be outside the museum making jam comics and an exquisite corpse with the public, as well as displaying the Infinite Corpse as part of the MCA's Saturday Strip! Here's a link to the full programming schedule, it's gonna be a full day! 

The photo above is an in-progress preview of my panel in the comic.

Here are some more pictures of the whole mural. You'll have to come Saturday to check it out up close!

Lastly, Sunday is Brain Frame 13 - the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of the live comix and perfomance series. I'll be helping with the performance of the Infinite Corpse. Here's a link to the Brain Frame info. It's going to be insane and awesome and you should come.


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