Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Whizz-Ray cometh

A sample of my 2-page story in Corpus Corpus 5, a selection of sketches, comics, and drawings based around the theme of… PEE! (or privacy, voyeurism, shame, etc.) and released in conjunction with Little Man Pee Pool Party, an exhibit of sculptural works based on the "Mannequin Pis," a famous Belgian scultpure-fountain of a little boy urinating jauntily.

More details on Corpus Corpus 5 and Little Man Pee Pool Party to come, the press release is being worked on as we speak.

Finally - the ORIGINAL ART SALE TO BENEFIT YETI PRESS is still on, email to let me know which page you’d like from my first book Our Ever Improving Living Room

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Our Ever Improving Living Room original page sale - through Oct. 12th

The Yeti Press Kickstarter is rolling along, and so is my sale to benefit their fundraising efforts.

From now until October 12th I’m selling original pages from my first book Our Ever Improving Living Room


email or send a tumblr/ facebook message with the date/strip youd like, and we can work out a paypal transaction

each individual strip is $25 and will come lovingly sealed in an envelope (which I will likely draw on just for you!)

Pages no longer available:

10-8-10 (Homeless fellow with cigarette)

10-9-10 (Tom Waits Funeral Song)

10-20-10 (Riding on the sidewalk, swearing at pedestrians)

11-26-10 (Coffee Waitress)

1-7-11 (the Weezer show)

2-23-11 (Thoughts about going home instead of hanging out with Columbia friends)

Monday, September 16, 2013

ORIGINAL ART SALE! (to benefit the Yeti Press Kickstarter)

Original Art Sale!
I'm selling original pages in my online store at

As of right now all of the individual of Our Ever Improving Livingroom strips from May, June, and July 2011 are available.

Also, each page of the "Memphis in May" and LINEWORK #2 stories are available.

After purchasing an OEILR strip, you can email me at to indicate which strip you'd like.
I'll be sure to update as strips become unavailable.


Yeti Press is only $2,000 and 27 days away from reaching their $10,000 goal ($4,000 away from the stretch goal, which will allow my books to be printed)
Hopefully this will provide a chunk of the change they still need, and allow extra rewards for anyone interested in owning an original comic page.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Observatory Art Show - Friday and Saturday September 20th and 21st

There’s an excellent art show happening next Friday and Saturday, the 20th and 21st, at the Observatory (3036 N. Lincoln Ave). I’ll have an original comics page in the show!
This is going to be a kick ass show with all great artists. Different acts each night.

ARTISTS INCLUDE: Brettett Manninging, Eric Rivera, Kevin Budnik, Mandy Halford, Speck Osterhout, Pablo Philipps, Adam Filarski, and Nick Fisher - who designed the poster AND redid the mural in the front hall just for this show!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dust Motes part 1 - part of the Yeti Press Kickstarter

Here’s a peak at the cover for DUST MOTES part 1 - the first of two books I’m putting together as the stretch goal for the Yeti Press Kickstarter.

DUST MOTES part 1 is an autobiographical account of my struggle to realize I have problems with anxiety and eating disorders. It was drawn and serialized online through the spring of 2012.

Part 2 deals with my attempt at recovery, seeking therapy, and what one thinks when they’re going through something as isolating as an eating disorder.

It would mean a lot to get these books printed, if only to show other ED sufferes that you can use your art to cope.

If you haven’t heard, Yeti Press is an independent comics publisher based in Chicago. Right now, Yeti is just over halfway towards their $10,000 goal to fund the next 6 books their planning to put out. BUT - if they exceed that goal (somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000) They’ll have enough money to print two extra books: Dust Motes parts 1 and 2.

Please reblog, share, donate, tell your comics-loving friends, sisters, grandparents about the Kickstarter:

You’d be doing a world of good by supporting independent artists and publishers - and for any amount of money you give, you can receive copies of the books once their printed.

If you want to make sure you get a copy of my books, opt for the Fall/Winter subscription or the Full Year subscription!

Not to discount the other books in the line-up, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on them. Sam Sharpe’s Poop Boobs Poo and Erik Nebel’s Well Come, i’m particularly excited for.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summon the powers of the internet, for comics

Kickstart Yeti Press and get all the great books (and mine).

Yeti Press just opened a major project on Kickstater!

The next year of comics from Yeti Press will be released in two subscription packages. Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. You, internet, can help them out by funding the money Yeti needs to get these great books printed.

If you’re familiar with Kickstarter you know what to do.

If not, all you have to do it pledge. If you notice, though, you can spend a set amount of money ($50, $100, $150 and so on) and you’ll receive a reward, a selection of the books once their released, even original art created by the artists behind the books.

Should the project exceed the $10,000 goal, my next books, Dust Motes part 1 and 2, will be printed and made available as a part of the Fall/Winter Subscription.

If you’re familiar with my journal comic “Our Ever Improving Living Room,” you’ll recognize these books as a collection of the second year of that strip. More specifically, they detail my struggles learning to cope with and recover from anxiety and disordered eating.

Please, give the project a look! If this year of comics gets funded, it will mean the next step for Yeti Press. Yeti has been growing steadily for a while now, and the more solid books they can add to their collection, the more excellence you can expect from them down the line.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

It looked for a minute like I’d be doing a daily comic again. The strip I drew yesterday was so poorly written AND drawn that I decided not to show it. Drawing every day is great practice, but feeling obligated to slap something together just to post on the internet every day is getting in the way of learning to tell longer stories.
I mentioned that I’ve been working on a small story, and I still have, so from now on I’m going to keep posting doodles and snippets of that story. Hope you enjoy!