Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dust Motes part 1 - part of the Yeti Press Kickstarter

Here’s a peak at the cover for DUST MOTES part 1 - the first of two books I’m putting together as the stretch goal for the Yeti Press Kickstarter.

DUST MOTES part 1 is an autobiographical account of my struggle to realize I have problems with anxiety and eating disorders. It was drawn and serialized online through the spring of 2012.

Part 2 deals with my attempt at recovery, seeking therapy, and what one thinks when they’re going through something as isolating as an eating disorder.

It would mean a lot to get these books printed, if only to show other ED sufferes that you can use your art to cope.

If you haven’t heard, Yeti Press is an independent comics publisher based in Chicago. Right now, Yeti is just over halfway towards their $10,000 goal to fund the next 6 books their planning to put out. BUT - if they exceed that goal (somewhere in the neighborhood of $12,000) They’ll have enough money to print two extra books: Dust Motes parts 1 and 2.

Please reblog, share, donate, tell your comics-loving friends, sisters, grandparents about the Kickstarter:

You’d be doing a world of good by supporting independent artists and publishers - and for any amount of money you give, you can receive copies of the books once their printed.

If you want to make sure you get a copy of my books, opt for the Fall/Winter subscription or the Full Year subscription!

Not to discount the other books in the line-up, I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on them. Sam Sharpe’s Poop Boobs Poo and Erik Nebel’s Well Come, i’m particularly excited for.


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