Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summon the powers of the internet, for comics

Kickstart Yeti Press and get all the great books (and mine).

Yeti Press just opened a major project on Kickstater!

The next year of comics from Yeti Press will be released in two subscription packages. Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. You, internet, can help them out by funding the money Yeti needs to get these great books printed.

If you’re familiar with Kickstarter you know what to do.

If not, all you have to do it pledge. If you notice, though, you can spend a set amount of money ($50, $100, $150 and so on) and you’ll receive a reward, a selection of the books once their released, even original art created by the artists behind the books.

Should the project exceed the $10,000 goal, my next books, Dust Motes part 1 and 2, will be printed and made available as a part of the Fall/Winter Subscription.

If you’re familiar with my journal comic “Our Ever Improving Living Room,” you’ll recognize these books as a collection of the second year of that strip. More specifically, they detail my struggles learning to cope with and recover from anxiety and disordered eating.

Please, give the project a look! If this year of comics gets funded, it will mean the next step for Yeti Press. Yeti has been growing steadily for a while now, and the more solid books they can add to their collection, the more excellence you can expect from them down the line.

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