Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dust Motes part 1 and 2

They're here!
With extreme humility and thanks to everyone who donated to the Yeti Press 2014 Kickstarter, Dust Motes 1 and 2 are printed and will soon be on their way to those who pre-ordered copies.

These books represent a really intense time in my life. My second year of journal comics, my first year out of college, and a diagnosis of anxiety and eating disorders. They don't openly confront the latter as much as they could, but I hope anyone picking up these books who copes with similar issues can find a little happiness in them.

Once again, thanks for donating to the Kickstarter. If you haven't already gotten a copy, they'll be available online from Yeti Press in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for the next books in the subscription series from Andrea Bell and Sam Sharpe.

Til then, I'm spending the night doodling in all the pre-ordered books!


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